Friday, August 24, 2018


You can tell Trump has been badly rattled by Michael Cohen’s flipping on him. The crucial evidence is that Trump has not come up with a single nickname for his former lawyer and fixer.

No “Stoolie Cohen.”

No “Mikey the Rat.”

No “Rent-a-Thug.”


Clearly Cohen has thrown Trump off his game.

     I picture our pathetic president these days as knocking around with his surviving henchmen in his inner sanctum saying things like, “Cohen said he’d take a bullet for me. I’d like to give him a bullet or two. Just let me catch him in the middle of Fifth Avenue!”
      “Now Manafort, there’s a mug that knows how to take a bullet. Classy guy, great clothes. Damned if I won’t pardon him as soon as Congress tells me the coast is clear.”
     “And Congress – they better watch themselves. If I catch any of them being disloyal, I’ll drop them like a used-up wife.”
     “I’m not just sweating for myself. It’s my family, too. Nobody better lay a hand, or an indictment, on any of them. Okay, maybe they can mess with Jared, but they better leave the others alone – Ivanka, Don Junior and what’s his name.”

And so on. 

Clearly the days of Trump as an effective president, or capo di tutti capi, or whatever, are over. I don’t believe he will be impeached, based on the information that has been released so far. In fact, it’s mainly Republicans who are talking about the possiblity of impeachment, probably as a way to motivate their base to vote. But, as more and more ugliness oozes out of the Oval Office, the prospect of impeachment may ultimately become real. But short of impeachment, Trump’s ability to get anything done has been drastically diminished by the ever-growing heap of incriminating evidence against him.

Let me conclude here with a list of the seven people and things that, as of now, I believe Trump hates and fears most:

1.     Michael Cohen

2.     Robert Mueller

3.     James Comey

4.     Jeff Sessions

5.     Attention directed at anyone but himself

6.     Admiration expressed for anyone but himself

7.     Justice

                     Justice (From "The Best Schools")

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