Thursday, January 21, 2010

iPod World

OK, so my Beloved Darla gave me an iPod last Christmas and my dear friend Deb Bennett chided me for being so excited about it. Deb's exact words: "Well good for you! Reaching out to the 21st Century. Even I've had an iPod for three years."

I'm still loving it. This morning it occurred to me that I may be in some danger of being picked up by a passing squad car since I may give the impression that I'm a cognitively impaired homeless guy while listening to it. I say this because I sometimes involuntarily shout out an artist's name as his or her song hits my ears while I'm strolling down the sidewalk. This morning, while walking to school, I found myself shouting "Tracy Chapman!" when the opening notes of "Give Me One Reason," came pouring out of the little gadget. It was great because I love that song and I had forgotten that it was on my playlist. Then I remembered a similar thing happening yesterday: Just as I was walking into the Cornell Social Science Building I cried out "Bach!" I couldn't help it. At that moment a wonderfully sweet melody of Bach's had started playing, the one that's called "Jesus, You Are So Cool," or something like that.

Deb is right, I should have been doing this years ago.

Footnote: Tracy Chapman - anthropology major extraordinaire.


  1. Geez, now you make me ... ALMOST... sorry I left Rollins. I'd love to see you walking around shouting out the names of songs or musicians! Believe it or not, I have four ipods - one an original that doesn't work - they weren't exactly glitch-free. Two of them are shuffles. I used them for my commute (45 min. from where we live now), and one is my new IPhone. And, oh YES, I love my phone! My son-in-law put me on his family plan, so surfing the web, listening to music, playing games -- all costs exactly the same as the non-working, call-dropping Verizon cell phone I used to have. Music, one of the magical things in life. Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much! Sharon -- RETIREE from econ.

  2. Delighted to hear all your fun stories....however, would you please get a cell phone? hahaha!

  3. Welcome to "Soundscape 21-C"! But my brother, you're still behind modern gizmos - you'll need iPhone or iPod Touch to play some really cool music pop quizzes.